Purpose and Philosophy

The Quanta family of companies is committed to participating in the political process responsibly and in compliance applicable federal, state, territorial and local laws and reporting requirements. Our political and government affairs program is an integral way in which we support the interests of our industries, customers, employees, communities and shareholders, and advance Quanta’s strategic initiatives. We are committed to engaging in the political process with honesty, integrity and transparency. Quanta’s Board of Directors recognizes the importance of our political outreach efforts and is committed to providing oversight and review of Quanta’s government affairs program and practices. The activities of the QuantaPAC, as well as our outreach, engagement and education efforts at the federal, state, territorial and local levels, are undertaken with our stakeholders’ interests in mind and our Political Activity Policy. Information on our political activity, including campaign contributions and lobbying activity, can be found on this page.

Political Activity Policy

Quanta Services, Inc. Political Activity Policy

Quanta’s Political Activity Policy sets forth the responsibilities and expectations with respect to all company political contributions and lobbying activity.(1) The policy applies to all directors, officers and employees of Quanta Services, Inc. and its affiliates. The policy is administered by Quanta’s Chief Compliance Officer and the Governance and Nominating Committee of Quanta’s Board of Directors is responsible for oversight of the policy and Quanta’s practices with respect to political activity. We encourage you to review the policy in detail for additional information.

Lobbying Reports

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Texas Ethics Commission 2022 Lobbyist

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2022 Lobbying Reports

(1) Includes Quanta Services, Inc. and its affiliates (as defined in the policy), which does not include entities, including joint venture entities, that are not controlled by Quanta Services, Inc.