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Business and Organization
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Mar. 31, 2017
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Business and Organization


Quanta Services, Inc. (Quanta) is a leading provider of specialty contracting services, offering infrastructure solutions primarily to the electric power, oil and gas and communications industries in the United States, Canada and Australia and select other international markets. Quanta reports its results under two reportable segments: (1) Electric Power Infrastructure Services and (2) Oil and Gas Infrastructure Services.

Electric Power Infrastructure Services Segment

The Electric Power Infrastructure Services segment provides comprehensive network solutions to customers in the electric power industry. Services performed by the Electric Power Infrastructure Services segment generally include the design, installation, upgrade, repair and maintenance of electric power transmission and distribution infrastructure and substation facilities along with other engineering and technical services. This segment also provides emergency restoration services, including the repair of infrastructure damaged by inclement weather, the energized installation, maintenance and upgrade of electric power infrastructure utilizing unique bare hand and hot stick methods and Quanta’s proprietary robotic arm technologies, and the installation of “smart grid” technologies on electric power networks. In addition, this segment designs, installs and maintains renewable energy generation facilities, consisting of solar, wind and certain types of natural gas generation facilities, and related switchyards and transmission infrastructure. To a lesser extent, the segment also provides comprehensive communications infrastructure services to wireline, fiber and wireless carrier customers within the communications industry, and services in connection with the construction of electric power generation facilities, the design, installation, maintenance and repair of commercial and industrial wiring, and the installation of traffic networks and cable and control systems for light rail lines.

Oil and Gas Infrastructure Services Segment

The Oil and Gas Infrastructure Services segment provides comprehensive network solutions to customers involved in the development and transportation of natural gas, oil and other pipeline products. Services performed by the Oil and Gas Infrastructure Services segment generally include the design, installation, repair and maintenance of pipeline transmission and distribution systems, gathering systems, production systems, storage systems and compressor and pump stations, as well as related trenching, directional boring and mechanized welding services. In addition, this segment’s services include pipeline protection, integrity testing, rehabilitation and replacement, and fabrication of pipeline support systems and related structures and facilities. Quanta also serves the offshore and inland water energy markets, primarily providing services to oil and gas exploration platforms, including mechanical installation (or “hook-ups”), electrical and instrumentation, pre-commissioning and commissioning, coatings, fabrication and marine asset repair. To a lesser extent, this segment designs, installs and maintains fueling systems, as well as water and sewer infrastructure.


During 2016, Quanta completed five acquisitions. The results of four of the acquired companies are generally included in Quanta’s Electric Power Infrastructure Services segment. These companies included an electrical infrastructure services company located in Australia, a utility contracting company located in Canada, a full service medium- and high-voltage powerline contracting company located in the United States and a telecommunications company located in Canada. Quanta also acquired a pipeline service contractor located in the United States, the results of which are generally included in Quanta’s Oil and Gas Infrastructure Services segment. As these transactions were effective during 2016, the results have been included in Quanta’s consolidated financial statements beginning on the respective dates of acquisition. These acquisitions should enable Quanta to further enhance its service offerings in the United States, Australia and Canada.